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Onoki fashion hits the recharge event, Sakura season yields 1450 gold coins, and the full cast of ninja girls returns

This week’s events are all online, so let’s talk about some of the more important ones. The first is Onoki’s fashion on the shelves, this fashion is slightly different from the previous Hyakuho Tsunade and Thunder Shadow. I thought they were both S Shinobi-rated fashions, and both had an extra bucket hat, so I guess they’ll be on the shelves in the form of points. The company’s newest product is a new product that will be available in the marketplace. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a ninja’s fashion on the market. Many of you may feel that it is better not to sell the points as it will be more affordable. However, some of you feel that you have to top up to participate in this event, so you can’t just spend the points in your hand.

Then we come to the details of this event, as long as you have a cumulative recharge of 18 during the event period you can unlock the rewards, and then you are given 21 days to sign in and collect them. If you want to get an extra 100 gold coins, you can top up $6 once this week and then top up $6 twice on the following Monday, which will give you two weeks of gold coins from Heartland. However, this time the event is hitting the shelves at a slightly different time, as many monthly players are probably waiting for the 50 top-up event at the end of the month as well. Don’t be under the illusion that you’re waiting for this event to be recharged along with next week’s 50 top-up event so you can kill three birds with one stone and renew your monthly card and both events. Even if the 50 recharge event does come up next week, it will be the first to take down the 18 event and then the new recharge event.

The next step is to talk about the Cherry Blossom Season Overview and other related activities that went live this week. This activity, like the Anniversary Overview, allows you to see in advance the total amount of gold produced and the amount of gold distributed to each activity. As you can see from this list, the event that yields the most coins is Sakura and Wine, which has an achievement reward of 330 coins and an avatar frame. In addition, the recommended ninja for this event is Shinobi Battle Iairo, which allows you to get Sakura by flying through the sky after a skill point and dodging the explosive bitterness, as well as using a wide range of pressure skills to quickly defeat more enemies and get the wine cup. One more thing to note is that this event has a chance of triggering extra events to get special rewards during the weekend, so remember to participate during the weekend.

In addition to getting another free Ninja Girl Sakura this week through the sign-in event, you can also purchase the other three Ninja Girls by spending points or gold. I’ll briefly touch on the Ninja Maiden’s strength performance here again, as the only Gold event Ninja Maiden Tenten was considered the ceiling of B Shinobi for a long time. But unfortunately it was later nerfed once, mainly by changing the forward swing of two skills and increasing the CD of the first skill from 8 seconds to 10 seconds. However, if you are really skilled in using Ninja Girl Tenten, her strength has not dropped too much, and she is still at least in the middle to upper range of Gold B Shinobi.

The other three ninja girl members, Sakura often return for free, it is certainly not recommended that you go to buy with points, strength performance is also more normal. The ninja girl Ino was the first to hit the shelves, the main mechanism is through the release of skills to obtain the reinforcement effect, the overall damage is not low, relatively simple and easy to use. The ninja girl daisy, originally similar to the Christmas ninja form of acquisition, the return of the field is certainly in accordance with the specifications of the Christmas ninja, the price is lower than Ino, the middle was weakened skill damage, it is recommended to collect mainly. If you are more concerned about the strength, the points will definitely give priority to Ninjutsu post or A ninja, this kind of B ninja is still more on the side of collection and sentiment.

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