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LOL the only “T0 level” top single: 2 sets of 240 armor, the designer 4 times to strengthen to break the balance of the upper road

After the S13 season came, the small dragon priority is higher than the canyon vanguard, resulting in the status of the upper and lower two lines are very different, LOL now back to the lower road as the core of the version, whether the game or Rank, help the lower road to get the return, are far more than the upper unit, the situation of the game, the game of win or lose, and the top single basically nothing to do with, because the lower half of the strengths and weaknesses, is the key to determine The game is going to be won or lost, and the game is basically nothing to do with the top unit, because the bottom half of the game is the key to victory or defeat.

After coming to version 13.5, the dominance of the upper unit warrior heroes has dropped a lot, before Rank close to the supermodel captain, after a big cut, fell directly to the T3 tier, but the debut rate of the warrior, generally higher than the tank heroes, is still the mainstream choice for the top score, the strength of the tank heroes has picked up a little, some heroes have a very good performance, plus the current version of the lower half of the bias The trend is that functional tanks like Bobby and Stoneman have become the best heroes to mix points with.

The stone man is promoted to the T0 level of the version of the upper single, Pick rate win rate over the No Hands.

The top tier list of strong heroes in the upper unit, among the popular warrior heroes, Jace and No Hands are the first choice in the middle and high tier. The win rate also reached 51.2%, which is a very impressive overall figure.

The other two T1 warriors are a little bit colder, the win rate of the poodle and Olaf, both above 53.3%, but the debut rate, both at about 3.2%, although not cold, but also not very hot, are more skilled existence, reference significance is not great, and the only one currently ranked T0 level, is the stone man, 9.5% debut rate, 51.4% The only T0 level at the moment is the Stone Man, with a 9.5 percent debut rate and a 51.4 percent win rate, both of which are more than the No Hands, a proper hybrid beast.

The designer strengthened four times in a row, 2 sets of 240 armor.

After several weakening in Quisanti, the stone man became the current version, the only tank on the T1 level, proper tank a brother, as the value of the monster, can become a version of the strong hero, naturally is to get a number of times to strengthen, in 12.16 version, the stone man passive cooldown on the downward adjustment, the early 8 seconds to be able to get refreshed, the follow-up 12.19, WR two skills, AP gain once again increased In 12.23 pre-season, the armour gain of the E skill was raised again.

13.4 version, W skill armor bonus increase, 4 consecutive enhancements, directly let the stone man strength skyrocket, itself has a meat school and AP school can choose, passive shield in the exchange of blood, but also be able to take advantage of, and E skills can reduce attack speed, coupled with the cloth armor shoes damage reduction mechanism to strengthen, the face of most warrior heroes, stone man can be complete abuse, 2 sets of about, plus The shoes, armor will be able to reach about 260 points.

The new version of the stone man outfit runes.

The new season, compared to the previous seasons, the stone man’s play style is not much change, equipment, ice fist in the redo, after releasing skills to get a pu attack reinforcement, and high armor and life value, is undoubtedly the stone man’s first choice, and the sunflower although was put down to the legendary level, but the passive burn, can strengthen the stone man’s ability to clear the line, the third piece can be based on the situation, continue to fill armor, or natural The third piece can continue to complement the armor, or magic resistance equipment such as the power of nature, depending on the situation.

If you go AP school, you can also refer to TheShy game outfit, the coronation of the broken queen in the big move into the field, you can resist a lot of damage, and equipment to provide blue, more practical than the dark reaper, other equipment on the legal penetration-based, shadow flame, legal wear shoes are very good choice, rune is still arcane comet, after all, Q skill comes with slowdown, can reach 100% hit rate, and The main system of transcendence, mana flow tether enhancements are great.


Compared to Jace, No Hands these heroes, in fact, in the middle and low points, the stone man is better on the score, the line almost does not appear too big a problem, and to the group battle stage, hit the fly this unresolved control, can protect the back row, can also open the group, the disadvantage is not have Carry ability, very eat teammates, but at this stage of the version, the upper single even if you choose the warrior, for the situation of the game is not the dominant role. Most of them need to look at the development of AD or middle single.

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