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Battle of the Golden Shovels: S8.5’s last chance to score points! The Great Version Balance, Top 10 Lineups Straight to the King

So that you don’t miss out on important top-scoring tips!Hello everyone, I’m Hi.In this issue, we bring you theversion of the score guide!Damage increase and damage avoidance per piece of equipment: 3/12% ? 3/10%The current version of the 5 Little Geniuses’ bond has been reduced from 12% to 10% of each piece of equipment, and in total, 3 pieces of equipment have directly dropped 6% of the damage and damage. But this does not affect the strength of the 5 little geniuses, now 5 little geniuses as long as there is Nunu, or little genius crest, even 2-star Annie can eat points.

If you can have Lulu’s [Vitality Burst], Annie’s [Reflection Shield] and the Little Genius crest at the beginning of the game you can consider playing this lineup, the strength is definitely possible!

Fighter extra life value: 20/45/70/99% ? 20/45/75/110%.

The lineup analysis: Jax is still the version on the score of a king, from the last version to increase the damage of Jax, now Jax exclusive 3 stars is able to stabilize the chicken.

But want to play good Jax, Jax’s equipment is the key. The ghost of the blade and draw sword is basically the standard, the blast cannon priority mercury, although the mercury provides 30% attack speed and 18 seconds of free control, but the blast cannon now provides 55% attack speed and a grid attack distance, for Jax is very fragrant.

Also, should Jax “ride” the back row?

The advice is that if there are many back row output heroes, like Mecha 9-5 (output is in the back row, front row is very meat), cleaning up the back row is the best choice.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the best out of the situation. The best way to think about the operation of the mech is to source the plan of the trip, the source plan as long as you open the 5 original plan with the monster heroes, in the early transition ability is very strong.

The key point of mecha ninety-five late is 2 star leona and 2 star erphelius, erphelius strength is higher than shamira, followed by a hat to ergat with, so as to increase the probability of ergat out of the treasure chest.

The lineup operation: this Draven is also the current version of the popular top lineup, Draven system for the hero to strengthen the requirements of very low, and as a low cost card D card flow lineup, if you can have [practical training] Draven late damage is very scary, the normal last whisper Hex tech gun blade any one attack suit, attack power can easily pull to 500 , a knife a small child The actual fact is that you can be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The lineup analysis: the opening dueling crest or get Kyle’s [Deng Shen long order], then you can consider playing the dueling lineup system. And if you get Vine’s [Expanded Sarcasm], then you can also consider going to play. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

The actual low cost card reinforcement is also very much playable, like Murfitt’s [Rock Solid], Li Qing’s [Purification of the Golden Bell], Xavier’s reinforcement, etc. are very good choices.

The first cost card inside in addition to Kyle’s [Denshin long step], like Racton’s [Field of Fury] and Galio’s [Punch of Justice] are very good D card flow lineup, as long as in the 2-1 stage to get the right hero to strengthen can be directly open punch!

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