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DNF: 20,000 to purchase the very best number, backhandedly sold 4W, the buyer thought he had earned it!

Hello everyone, welcome to this edition of Game Analysis!The actual DNF is a very good place to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time and have no desire to be a Buddhist player, and in this uninteresting state, they simply choose to leave the pit. This makes it cheaper for the number dealer to receive the perfect account at the best price, and one number dealer even fulfilled his dream of getting rich overnight, buying a number for 20,000 and selling it for 40,000 the next day.

When the number merchant for so long, this number merchant was shocked to see this account, the first time he saw such a prestigious account! The actual DNF player’s most common page is the DNF player’s page, this account full career sky not to mention, even heart happy three aura have six, it seems the original number owner is not only a tycoon or a liver emperor ah! Although the adventure group level is only 23, but the account on each character equipment to build are quite horrible, most of the characters are 86, want to reach 30 level adventure group don’t easier!

This is the strongest character on the account, has long been B set of Hyperion, the left set of increase 12, the right three pieces of increase 13 hyperspace jewellery! But equipment is not the characteristic of this character, all kinds of sky set is! Transparent sky and memorial sky basic set is not lacking, even the more attractive Kiri skin and hero king skin also have, not to mention the other, the value of this role alone is tens of thousands!

This ugg stand street has 510,000 combat power, left a set of increase 12 90B leather armor, right a set of increase 12 trance set, weapons are reinforced 13 gloves, the title is the strongest Chosen One, this equipment in DNF players absolute top level, but in this account above just considered a medium build role!

Not only is it a pure C career, even a 25 boy is a full body increase of 12 to start with, not to mention the right there are several pieces of increase 13 of the seven deadly sins, standing street panel reached a horrible 88,000 physical attack, the character name is also quite appropriate, it seems that the original number owner was originally the Paladin as C to build! The original owner spent at least 100,000 yuan to build this account, a total of seven main C and a milk, six characters are the most vegetable is a full body increase of 12!

The original owner was in a hurry to get out of the pit before the dealer picked up the slack, and after a few negotiations, the dealer got the account at a price of 20,000 yuan! After the account was in hand, the dealer put it up on the trading site at a price of 40,000, not expecting it to be taken away by others the next day, just one night to earn 20,000 yuan, really overnight riches ah! The actual DNF is the game of the rich, an account that is not moving is several million! If it was me, I wouldn’t have taken out 40,000 yuan to buy the account (because poor), would you?

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