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Elite Peace: How strong is the custom paint job? No wonder players are willing to risk their bans to try it out!

The term “custom graphics” may be unfamiliar to you in Peace Elite. In layman’s terms, there are currently some forums where some enthusiastic users help Peace Elite players to write some code to suit their models, so that Peace Elite runs more smoothly and with a better experience! Although this practice is not officially allowed, players try it on the edge of violation even at the risk of blocking their numbers in order to have a better experience feel.

I have to say, after looking at these player customised graphics effects, you’re heartily impressed too! Without the dimness and low quality of the official HD picture quality, the portrait level is also full of points, and the customized version of the picture quality can completely show off the sunny weather of the rainforest. This is the reason why players are willing to take the risk of having their numbers blocked and try to modify the quality of the game, perhaps this is the kind of gaming experience Elite Peace should have.

If you compare this to the recent “remake” of the end-game Jedi Island, you’d think that some of the players’ customised versions of the handheld game would be able to ignore the officials and catch up with the end-game! However, this part can modify the picture quality of the models, are limited to the Android system, IOS because of the system specificity, non-jailbreak crack case, it is difficult to modify the original picture quality of the peaceful elite.

Of course, you are not advised to modify the image quality of your own game. Although modifying the picture quality can improve the game experience, but because modifying the picture quality will change the game system background running data, a mistake will lead to data anomalies, naturally there will be the risk of sealing, a letter is happy to mention 10 years. Many players have said that they did not hang up, but were wrongly sealed! In fact, a large part of the reason for this is that the players themselves have made changes to the picture quality. If you are really mistakenly blocked because of the picture quality problem, it will be more than worth the loss.

Why is there such a thing as “custom graphics” on the forums? I think it’s because there are real game enthusiasts in the Peaceful Elite. But this also reflects the fact that the official optimization of the game is really not very good, as evidenced by the above pictures! If necessary, you can also feel that this part of the players who have excessive skills actually have something to learn from the official. As long as the official is willing, it is also possible to recruit this part of talented players or conduct corresponding technical exchanges.

Because of the high demand for image quality modifications, there are currently many third-party image quality modifying software bundled with Trojan horses on the market. The reason why you don’t suggest that you try this easily is that, apart from worrying about people being blocked, it is also for the safety of the players. This is because there have been previous cases of users having their phones locked by unscrupulous people because they downloaded unsafe third-party image quality modification software.

The official official take 10 years to seal the number “one size fits all” method is unfair, how do you think about this? The game has been on the market for a year, have you ever modified the quality of the game again?

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