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Elite Peace: several “secret changes” not explicitly stated by officials! A change that will make players happy

The recent version update is supposed to be the first major update since the revamp. Although it was non-stop, it all brought a lot of new content to players. For those new weapons and new vehicles that have been rumoured to be bad, you won’t be able to highlight them all. In this issue, we will mainly talk about those “secret changes” that are not explicitly stated by the officials, see how many you have found?

The hand waving action is really “goodbye”

In response to feedback from players, the current version of the hand wave has almost said goodbye to us. With the new update, the wave goodbye has been removed, leaving the player with a short ‘sit and stand’ display. Although it doesn’t completely remove the redundancy of the player being defeated, the super brief sit-to-stand effect is less annoying than before, which is probably the biggest concession Mitsuko has made!

The word “elimination” is perfectly removed.

Here’s the main focus of player interest! After careful consideration, the word “eliminated” has been removed from the game when a player is defeated, so that you no longer have to worry about revealing your location by eliminating your opponent. This change is also the result of Mitsuko’s listening to players’ opinions, good content will be late but not absent, and players are very satisfied!

Green smoke returns.

Again, the new version will produce green smoke after defeating an enemy, and the green smoke effect is higher and more pronounced than before. Without further ado, for the sake of this special effect display effect, Yu-Gi-Oh chose not to KDA, but to be defeated by the enemy.

Signal gun removed time limit, replaced by all-day refreshing.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the changes to the flare gun. When it was first released, people thought the flare gun had been removed, but in fact it was just an official probability adjustment. The recent “dark change” to the flare gun has directly changed it to a “24/7 refresh”, unlike before when it would only refresh regularly from 5pm to 11pm.

Increased damage from manoeuvres.

There is one more “dark change” that affects the experience that needs to be mentioned. The manned system in Elite Peace has always been a controversial element. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the current version, not only do the robots run, move and strafe, but the amount of damage they deal has also increased. In some matchups, players also appear to get half-blooded by the cyborgs. If you are a player who has played a lot of games, you will have noticed that the damage done by the manned machines has been “secretly changed”.

234 Slash seems to have been “nerfed”.

The “234 slash” method is something that veteran chicken players will know. For those who don’t know, it’s simply a matter of pulling the wheel 45° to the top left and dropping the character at the ultimate jump speed of 234. Previous versions of the 234 diagonal flight could reach a flying distance of 850-880m. However, in the current version, the best jump landing distance is around 750-780m, more than 800m will affect the landing effect of the 234 diagonal flight. I’m sure you’re not the only one who has noticed this problem!

The above are some of the “secret” changes in the new version, which are not explicitly stated by the officials. How many of them have you found?

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