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“Chicken McLaren skin has several “VIP” privileges! No hope of introducing it to China? A dilemma!

The Maserati skin is probably the best in terms of feel and sound in the eyes of many players. But just in advance, the next door chicken hand game international service (PUBGM) announced the launch of the McLaren 570S linkage carrier skin, solemnly announcing that the chicken hand game has entered the “sports car era”. The event is similar to the previously launched Big Wheel, with free and safe additions.

There are a total of six colours of vehicle skins, but the cost of the event is higher for the international service. For example, the “beggar’s version” of the black and white McLaren has been offered by second-hand dealers at 1200 per ticket exchange, twice the price of the blue and pink Martha. What’s outrageous is that now there are exclusive perks for vehicle skins. The current McLaren linkage, for example, is divided into three grades out of six colours. The highest grade of black gold and dazzling colour (need 3 tickets to redeem), including the car exclusive BGM, into the team animation effects, birth island airdrop, and parachute display and other four “VIP level” privileges, absolutely bright your titanium dog eyes.

The company’s newest product is a new product that will be available for sale in the market. But in terms of price, the international service kryptonite grade, occasionally very expensive, such as this McLaren linkage, and not long ago Godzilla vs Donkey Kong linkage, but some times and through the activities of the gift of military coupons for white whoring.

It is well known that the photon in the previous version of the synchronized online a two-door sports car vehicle, in fact, many players know that this is to the rhythm of the sports car skin. But the national service has been slow to see the news, there are outside sources claiming that it will be linked with Lamborghini, but has not yet received an official response. And the international service is one step ahead of the game, taking the lead in adding the luxury supercar brand McLaren to the linkage. This is a win-win situation for both the game’s high-end consumer base and the promotion of the brand.

So the question arises, since Elite Peace and Chicken Handicap National are both Photon games, why can the international service link up with McLaren, but not the national service, or why have we not yet seen news about it?

Players familiar with the international service also know that after Peaceful Elite opened its kryptonite system, it is common to see the international and national service on both sides with the exact same skin. Nominally both games are the same game, so why not just move McLaren to the national service? In this regard, you can also refer to the previous activity of Hard Candy Girls 303.

In the same way, in the previous version of the linkage with Godzilla and King Kong, Peace Elite only implanted the relevant mode of play, without seeing any linkage nature of the kryptonite activities. But the international service not only has Godzilla gameplay, but also has several related kryptonite events online, which is a clear difference. Some players want to introduce it, after all, it’s a linked sports car and has collector value; but others are against it because too many models are too expensive to eat! What do you think of this dilemma?

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