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Ryuu Vishin! Extremely” full plot flow graphic strategy all branch line task full collection strategy

Game Operation.Keyboard and MouseMove – ASDW Perspective – IKJLFirst person mode – Space.Reset Perspective-R.Sprint-Shift.Walk-C/V.Action-E.Main Menu-M.Map-Tab.Controller.Raider Description.This guide contains the main storyline, branch lines and collection content including notes, wanted, apocalypse book, dream dragon shattering production, etc.Main Story Flow.

Chapter 1: Breakaway from the Tosa ClanOnce you start the game, you will get a general idea of the background of the game and some information about the main character, Ryoma Sakamoto.

Sakamoto Ryoma was born during the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and in the middle of the plot, he is being hunted by gangsters.

This is a period of warlord chaos within Japan, and the foreign gunboats of the foreigners are approaching day by day with even more aggression.

You will then begin the first chapter, which takes place earlier in the opening episode.

Sakamoto Ryoma had just completed his sword training and had returned to his hometown of Tosa.

When you can start operating the protagonist, keep walking along the streets of the town until the plot is triggered.

A mother with a child suffering from acute appendicitis is trying to rush to seek medical attention when she comes across two staff sergeants wandering the streets.

In Japan at the time, all ordinary villagers were required to kneel immediately when they encountered a staff sergeant, but as the mother was desperate for medical attention, she hoped that the sergeants would forgive her rude behaviour.

But the two staff sergeants did not go around the mother and even tried to take the mother’s life.

Ryoma couldn’t take it anymore, so he hit one of the staff sergeants, and the battle began.

He followed the system’s tutorial to complete a series of attacks, such as light and heavy attacks.

After defeating the staff sergeant, the villagers stood by in awe.

As luck would have it, a group of soldiers soon rushed around and tied Ryoma up in the main prison.

Even the jailer in the cell was so disgusted with Ryoma that he tried to use his status as a slightly above-average “Hakusakusho” to have him beheaded in prison.

But an old man arrived just in time, the Tosa clan’s “seneschal”, YOSHIDA Toyo.

It is clear that Toyo is far more important than the jailer, and he not only dissuades the jailer, but also rescues Ryoma from the prison.

You will also learn that Toyo is Ryoma’s “father” and that he has more important things to discuss.

He wants you to meet him at the “Shakugo Juku”.

You will then leave the prison and just outside, you will come across a man hiding something.

This will unlock the ‘jar’ collection tutorial and you can search through some jars at any time to find some useful supplies inside.

Head to the docks and order a meal at the teahouse here. After eating the meal, the plot will escalate and you will now need to head to the Marionette School to meet up with Toyo.

The Shakugo Juku is located in the alleyway next to the “Chitose House” on the street, as shown in the picture.

Your first visit here will trigger a battle with the ronin.

The battle is still tutorial, so you will need to follow the tutorial to complete the battle.

When you reach the end of the alleyway, enter the house and watch the episode.

Toyo will talk to you and he believes that there is a big problem with the current social class in the Tosa clan, where the upper class has unlimited power of life and death but is fishing for the people.

The main character, Ryoma, was killed when his parents offended the upper class of the Tosa clan.

Toyo believes that people are born equal, despite their wealth, and that there should be no extreme class distinctions.

He later embraced this philosophy and, although he was a senator, established a private school to adopt orphans who were victims of the various social phenomena in the Tosa clan, and he hoped that you could help him rectify this social inequality in Tosa.

The two children that Toyo currently values most under his command are you (Ryoma) and Takeshi.

Takeshi is a leading member of the “King’s Party”, a group that opposes the Tosa clan, and is leading over five hundred villagers to fight against the Tosa clan in order to overthrow its unequal social class system.

Toyo would like you to meet with Takeshi and join the Chintai Party to overthrow the Tosa rule.

You can ask around the streets to find out where Takeshi is, after which you can open the map to find the location of the dojo where the samurai are.

When you arrive here talk to the gatekeeper who refuses to let you into the dojo.

Next, as soon as you follow the main town road towards the end, you will find some fake members of the Chin King’s party who are making life difficult for a shopkeeper.

Again follow the tutorial hints and defeat these 3 enemies.

Watch the episode and you will learn that they are posing as the Chin King’s Party in order to do harm to the reputation of the Chin King’s Party.

After the group of ronin have made a hasty escape, Yashira Shimada of the Chintai Party arrives and invites you into the dojo.

Once again in the dojo, the guards here will allow you to enter and you will again watch a longer episode.

Inside the dojo, you will find Takeichi (full name is Takeichi Hanpeita), who is here training his men in the use of firearms.

Takeshi is so pleased to see you that he announces on the spot that you are to be promoted to “chief” of the party.

The crowd seems surprised but unimpressed by the fact that a newcomer has been promoted directly to the rank of chief, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

You will talk to Takeshi and learn through the plot that the wounds on his back were inflicted to save you at the time.

Takeshi wants you to assist him in overthrowing the unequal class system of the Tosa clan, and when it comes to the details of his next plan, he wants you to be part of the next mission, the “Assault on Kochi Castle”.

Finally Takeshi will give you a pistol, it seems that the rules of kendo as applied to the samurai are becoming obsolete and you will need this new weapon for both defence and offence.

Once you have acquired a new weapon, you will need to go to the town marketplace and find the “Drunken” winery where you can drink to pass the time.

At the same time, you will automatically trigger the battle plot after drinking.

Using the tutorial method given by the system to complete the battle, you will learn how the guns attack and how to use and switch between weapons.

After defeating the group of enemies, you can continue wandering the streets.

Alternatively, you can return to the dojo, where another battle will take place.

You will need to defeat the members of the Chin King party who are not convinced that you are the “Chief”, and of course there is a leader type enemy called “Okada Ezo”.

This battle is slightly more difficult, as you can prioritise the defeat of Ezo’s guards before defeating him last.

Ezo’s attacks have a number of consistent moves and heavy attacks, so switch your weapon and use your katana to block or dodge.

After the battle, talk to Takeshi at the entrance of the dojo and choose the “Well, let’s go” bridge to follow him out of the Tosa clan and to Kochi Castle.

When you arrive at Kochi Castle, you and Takeshi will meet with Papa Toyo again.

The attack on Kochi Castle is scheduled for tomorrow, so tonight will be the time to make final preparations.

Toyo seems to have had some comments when he talks about Takeshi’s promotion of you to ‘chief’ of the Chintai party.

But just then, a masked assassin bursts through the door and suddenly he stabs Toyo and quickly flees.

Takeshi rushes after the assassin, and you need to guard Toyo and wait for backup.

But Toyo tells you to leave the scene quickly, as you will be mistaken for the murderer.

When Toyo breathes his last, it is too late and Toyo’s men, the officials, enter the house only to see Ryoma with his hands covered in blood.

Next you need to defeat the officials and escape from the city.

You will encounter several waves of enemies along the way, but they are all relatively easy to deal with. Use your sword and pistol to switch between attacking enemies repeatedly, and don’t get too close to them if possible to avoid taking damage.

On the way you can find some supplies in some houses and warehouses, which you can use to recover when your life level is reduced by opening the function menu.

When you encounter an enemy like this with a barrel, your melee attacks are almost ineffective and you can switch to firearms to attack him.

When falling from an upper floor to the bottom of the floor, quickly go through the QTE scenario to avoid taking serious injuries.

In a warehouse area, you will encounter an elite type enemy, defeat the normal enemy first before fighting him.

As he charges at you, he will be temporarily defenceless and you can use this moment to use your firearm to knock him to the ground and then quickly perform a “hot attack”.

After leaving the house, you will find the wounded Takeshi, and as you are leading him out of the area you encounter the assassin who killed Toyo.

You will then need to take on this assassin.

This assassin can block gun attacks effectively, so you can’t simply win with a pistol.

When the assassin makes a charging attack, he is temporarily defenceless and you can use this moment to make a heavy gun attack, sometimes you will have a certain chance of breaking his attack.

Also, you need to always be on the lookout to dodge his surprise attacks, using the block in sword mode or the dodge back skill in sword and gun mode to dodge them.

If you can successfully dodge the assassin’s attack, then you can also use this time to perform a series of counter attacks.

When the assassin is down to about 1/3 of his life, a QTE fight will be triggered and you will be able to escalate the plot by successfully passing the QTE here.

This assassin will make a quick escape.

You will discuss with Takeshi whether this revolutionary plan has gotten out of hand and is what has brought about the deadly attack on Toyo and the entire Chinaman party.

Eventually, you will come to a broken temple where Takeshi wants to give up his escape as he is running out of strength.

However, if Takeshi gives up his escape, then he will also become a suspect in the murder of Toyo.

In desperation, you will lock Takeshi into the temple and face the Tosa clan officers and soldiers who are coming after him alone.

You will tell these officers and soldiers that you killed Toyo, which will free Takeshi from suspicion and allow him to be rescued and survive.

While fleeing from the chase, you jump into the river below the cliff and this chapter closes successfully at this point.

When, where and how to complete all of the side stories

You can also check the content of the corresponding branch according to its number. There are a total of 72 subplots in Ryuu Vishin!

Note that some subplots may disappear after you have progressed through the main series, so to complete all of them, please complete them as early as possible in the chapter in which they appear.

Chapter 1 Spinoff  None (completing the woodcutting quest in Chapter 1 does not count as a sidequest)

Chapter 2 Spur 37: The Literary Entanglement To complete.

1. Walk to the end of the hall here on the map, trigger the animation and you will meet a literary man, visit him three times and complete his three questions and answers. 2.

2. The answers to these three questions are as follows.

[1] The cat should be good, right?

【2】Little master.


Spur 41: It’s the Powerful Way that Matters.

Completed by.

1. Visit the udon noodle shop here and buy any kind of noodles, then come back here again and talk to the shopkeeper to trigger the quest.

2. You will reduce the price by 10%, gain 250 virtues and unlock the Udon Noodle Shack game.

Spur 43: Long Talk.

To complete.

1. Go to the alley next to the Hanako shop and find the two women talking to trigger the animated scene. When only one of them is left, talk to her and start this branch, and after a long series of conversations, answer her questions.

2. Complete the subplot by following the answers to the following.

【1】Bamboo shoots.

[2] In front of the tea house.

[3] Laughing Son.

Sub-Line 44: Another Long Talk.

How to complete.

1. After a while, go to the alley where Xiaoxi is located again and continue to talk to her to complete the long talk.

2. The correct answers to this long talk are as follows.

[1] Red, white, green.

[2] Sweet wine.

[3] Sumire.

Spur 45: This is the last long talk.

How to complete.

1. After you have completed the first two branches of Laughing Child, come back to her some time later to start her last Long Talk branch.

2. The correct answers to this long talk are as follows.

[1] Scarecrow.

[2] Pickled Radish.

[3] Clang Fish.

Sub-Line 47: Why not?

How to complete.

1. Approach the crowd marked on the map to trigger an animated scene, after which you will need to repel the mob.

2. Receive 300 virtues and a nice gear reward.

Spur 50: The Desperate Angler.

To complete.

1. Find the angler at the map marker and give him any 1 fish you don’t need to establish a relationship with him. 2.

2. This branch is closed and you will receive a 150 virtue reward.

Branch 51: Scrap Collector.

To complete.

1. Go to the location marked on the map and find a warehouse with several large barrels, where the animation will automatically trigger.

2. Give the scrap collector any item you don’t want to build a relationship with him and this branch will be completed and you will receive 150 virtues.

Side Story 21: Grandpa Woodchopper.

To complete.

1. Find the old man chopping wood at the location marked on the map, talk to him and complete the task of chopping 20 pieces of wood. 2.

2. Once the task is completed, you will receive 2000 coins and 150 virtues.

Chapter 3 Spinoff.

Branch 39: The man who sweats with exercise.

1. Go to the bathhouse at the location marked on the map and watch the episode. 2.

2. Enter the bathhouse and complete the plot. You will receive a crystal and 300 virtues.

Branch 40: Bean Skin Sushi.

1. Talk to the owner of the sushi shop at the stall here and queue up to buy sushi.

2. You will find that you cannot buy sushi after the first and second queues. On your third visit to the sushi queue, you will be able to buy sushi and finish this branch. 3.

3. You will be rewarded with 300 virtues.

Spur 46: Perfume.

1. This NPC woman is located to the south of the dojo, near the back of the building here.

2. Talk to her and agree to buy the perfume for her, then go to the designated location and find the “spooky merchant” in the southeast corner of the map, defeat the thugs here and buy the perfume. 3.

3. Give the perfume to the NPC woman and this branch is successfully closed. You will be rewarded with 300 virtues.

(Note that if you have a quest in this shopping street, you should complete this branch before the start of Chapter 3 if possible. However, you can still find this merchant and complete this branch once the main plot of the shopping street here has advanced.)

Side Story 53: The Wayfaring Messenger.

1. Find the messenger at the location marked on the map and give him directions, but eventually he will get lost.

2. After a while, return to his location and, after giving him directions a second time, he will get lost again. 3.

3. Find him again after some time and he will give you the parcel directly, hoping that you can deliver it to its destination and this branch will be successfully closed. You will be rewarded with 150 virtues.

(You can get more rewards by delivering the package to its destination.)

Branch 18: The Man Behind Closed Doors.

1. Find the mother and son who are arguing here and enter the child’s room to complete the quiz.

2. There is no single correct answer here, but it is advisable not to choose the more aggressive bridge (the author’s options are as follows).

[1] Do you have anything you like to do?

【2】Chatting as if nothing is wrong to break the ice..

[3] Build his confidence.

Branch 21: Respecting the King.

1. Go to the location marked on the map and find the two warriors talking here, one of whom is a Western warrior.

When they have finished talking, follow the western warrior to an alleyway where you will find him surrounded by a group of landlubbers whom you will need to defeat. 3.

Next you will need to take some time (you may need to advance the main line to unlock a new map) to reach the location where he appears and you will again find him besieged by another group of revolutionaries, help him out again to complete this branch.

Spur 22: Again and Visible?

1. Go to the location marked on the map and you will see a group of people dancing. 2.

2. Complete this branch by defeating the landlord who appears and you will receive a vermilion cloth and 300 virtues.

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