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Changes to the public beta version of “Three Kingdoms Wargames Edition” to reduce the overall burden and upgrade the fun

Details of the changes in the public betaI. Comprehensive load reduction for the opening periodThe exploration and siege experience of the world has been optimized to ensure that the overall revenue remains unchanged, and the exploration time consumption during the drought period has been reduced by nearly half.1、Reduced the total number of exploration points and mainline branch missions in the early stages, and increased the rewards for individual exploration points and missions.

2, the second day on the map from the start of the tour building gradually remove the reading time; the fourth day onwards, there are thieves and bandits stationed in the tour building to remove the dialogue step, replaced by click directly activated.

3. Added the mechanism of automatically removing the fog of unlocked maps at 0am on the 8th day of service; added the location markers of tour buildings, challenge bosses and bandits on the map to make it easier for the lords to find them themselves.

4. adding the function of continuous entrusted siege, automatic city fighting with one click, and military cantonments can be set to entrust battles, freeing the lords’ hands.

5. The first two days the city will be free from war, and the city can be attacked only after the free war is lifted at 10am on the third day of service.

6. The mechanism of replenishing soldiers on the whole map after the new soldier camp reaches level.

7.Second, the opening benefits are increased again.

Welfare upgrade is another important direction of the public test version adjustment, after the public test online, the lord can feel the welfare increase from two aspects of gold baht acquisition and orange general acquisition.

1. Gold Baht benefits have been added, with a total of over 20,000 gold baht available through daily activities in the first month.

2. A new card pack [Open Frontier Boost] has been added. Orange generals are guaranteed to be recruited 5, 15 and 30 times, and 3 orange generals are guaranteed in 30 draws, and the amount of gold baht consumed for each recruitment is the same as that of the regular card pack.

3. The number of orange generals obtained through Hero Biographies has been increased to 3. A total of 3 orange generals + 17 purple generals can be obtained through Hero Biographies in S1 season.

4. the materials for repairing Luoyang will also be available for collection through daily activities; the [Random Equipment] received in repairing Luoyang has been changed to [Military General of your choice].

5. reduced gold baht consumption for bazaar refreshes in the shop, with the first daily refreshes free of charge.

6. Significantly increase the battle points obtained from the decomposition of purple and orange cards.

7、When exploring the world, an additional reward will be added after triggering a wild encounter, which has a chance to obtain an orange general.

8、In the search function of the Court of Sage, a new “first conquest” game is added. (all generals of the current season will be gradually unlocked). After this “first conquered general” is unlocked, the first conquered general in the server will become the “first conquered general” and will be unique to the server for the current season. The “first conqueror” will have an exclusive logo and will be able to carry 10% more troops. After the end of the current season, the “first conquered general” will automatically be converted into a normal general.

3. Further upgrade the game experience.

In addition to the two key modules of load reduction and welfare upgrade, the following details will be adjusted in this beta version.

1.Baht will not be consumed for experience inheritance before level 20, and after level 20, the upper limit of gold baht consumption for experience inheritance will be reduced to 500, so that the orange generals obtained during the opening period can join the team in battle more quickly.

2.When attacking and marching into a city, advancing generals will be rewarded with alliance contributions.

3.The jade consumed by the lord to create an alliance will be returned to the lord the corresponding amount of gold baht after the alliance has reached level 5.

4.The new function of locking the warriors to prevent misuse, and the new function of one-key advancement to reduce repeated operations.

5. Starting from 0:00 am on the fourth day of service, the 1V1 sparring function will be opened, each person can spar up to 3 times a day.

6.New “Wish Warrior” function, there is a certain probability to get a recommendation book when recruiting warriors, this prop can help you get your wish warrior more easily.

7.After the opening of the public beta, we will continue the popular PK tournament (PK competition to select the strongest team in each server).


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