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The arcade game makes the boss headache “artificial invincibility”, the difficulty is adjusted ten times higher does not help

Dinosaur Beatdown has a very interesting setting that triggers instant invincibility as long as two characters overlap.New players especially like to use this move, which doesn’t last long, but gives a sense of “I’m good again”. Players most like to use it in the Fatty Formation on level four to make sure they don’t get toppled when they first come out.I don’t know if you’ve played a revamped version of the game called Dinosaur Express 2?

In this game, the effect of the sands was very special, as long as you ate them you would appear invincible and they would last for a long time. Back then, gamers had little insight and thought this version was the proper sequel.

However, the damage was so outrageous that it eventually went down the drain.

What players actually needed was not a small period of invincibility, they needed invincibility that could come at any time so that they could always remain undefeated.

What makes the Alloy Slug series so popular is that it’s more playable than the clean version of the overworld games, and it lasts longer.

Why is this so? Don’t shooters just take a hit and die?

Indeed they do, you get hit and you die.

But there are tanks in the game!

Use the jump out of the tank and jump back in when it matters, there is a brief period of invincibility and by doing this you can save your life.

There are more and more vehicles in the later stages of Alloy Warhead, but what players appreciate the most is always the initial one, jumping out and in is the most convenient, other vehicles are very difficult to achieve this effect. The planes, in particular, were incredibly difficult to jump out of.

IGS created a game called Magic Battlefront back in the day in imitation of Alloy Warhead.

To be honest the game did have quite a few levels of innovation and added quite a few weapons to use. And one of the most enjoyable things for players was the pet system. Having this system you have the equivalent of several extra lives, as it turns into a protective shield (Pet Shield).

The pet shield can also be repaired by picking up crystals after you have taken a hit.

A good player can play for a long, long time. As long as you don’t jump into a pit and fall straight to your death, then every life is worth a lot of money.

What are some of the other more familiar invincibility effects in the arcade games we are familiar with?

The Snowman Brothers.

One of the rarer Q-tiered floor climbers in the arcade, the game features a variety of potions that players love, in addition to the props that add points. These include red to increase speed, blue to increase power and yellow to increase distance.

The big-headed doll is a prize life level, where you get a life when you gather a SNOW.

There is also a green potion in the game that turns the character into a big-headed doll that can move around the entire scene at will and kill monsters when touched. The monsters were turned into various bonus props directly after being bitten to death, which was very enjoyable.

Back in the day, we were always curious to know if we could take the green potion in the boss scene and kill the boss directly. The answer is: no!

The only way to defeat a boss is through snowballing.

Warlords of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West.

Both of these games have stealth cloaks that allow you to be completely invincible for a short period of time.

Warlords of the Three Kingdoms grabbing the stealth suit is a big no-no! The average player isn’t so bad as to make enemies of other people over this thing. After all, it is directly related to the progress of the game.

There are so many places where the stealth cloak is used in Journey to the West. After all, this is the enhanced version with all the bosses going crazy. And in almost all boss scenes a small monster will appear to harass.

As long as you give it a chance to catch its breath, then basically all hell will break loose, with all kinds of big moves released indefinitely, and players won’t even have a place to stand if they don’t put their treasure.

With no energy, players don’t even have the ability to counterattack. The cloak of invisibility allows players to get a little time to adjust in times of crisis. Sometimes when you want to draw blood, you have to put on the cloak of invisibility first to make sure that nothing is lost!

It’s too bad how many players just couldn’t spare the props back then, resulting in a whole bunch of stuff popping out when they died.

So, what other invincibles are artificially fought out?

The Sunset Rider jumps over the entire time when you are about to see the boss, and continues to jump after you see the boss, at which point you will find yourself invincible. This method is available in several levels.

The “Electric God Magic Puppet” is invincible by clicking on AB continuously after using the dash, and many players relied on this trick to force their way through the level back then.

To become invincible in Captain’s Secret Order, it is as simple as tapping: A, A, AB on the ground and you become invincible.

In Street Fighter Revamp, you’re invincible the whole time you’re jumping levels.

The invincibility prop used to be in Ninja Kid.

All insurance in arcade games is invincible, whether it’s a clean version of an over-the-top game or a flying shooter, as long as the skill costs blood, it’s not interrupted, which only seems to have been broken in Violent Crimes!

Arcade games are all about harvesting game currency, so there are few props that come with invincibility effects.

This is not the case with Red and White, where the presence of invincible props can greatly enhance the game and make it more exciting.

Bomberman Question Mark.

Contra Bodyguard.

The invincibility of Contra can be used to kill the boss!

Super Mario 5 stars.

Adventure Island Pixie.

Tank War Helmet.

In the Castlevania series, almost every generation has that one invincible shield that is completely invincible until we run out of MP as long as we release it. This is true even for fighting bosses.This performance is carried over well in Bloodstained, where the directional shield can break all moves and not attack at all.Every generation is exposed to different games and invested with different emotions.There was a time when we too chased the most up-to-date games and experienced the masterpieces of each era.But one day we will stop and look back at the classic games of yesteryear, remembering our lost youth.

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