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steam spring sale guide, survival exploration discount recommendations!

Spring sale selection, old kiddo to solve your confusion! The steam spring sale from March 16 to March 23, the old kiddo still the old rules to give you good classification recommendations, you can follow their preferences to the number of seats, the content of this issue for survival exploration games, the next issue for tactical strategy games, do not miss! Subnautica Price: 23.71 -67% off (Argentina) Deep Sea Trek: Beneath the Freeze Subnautica: Below Zero.

Discounted price: 30.18 -58% (Argentina Zone).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Survival Exploration / Open World / Single Player.

Deep Sea Trek, as a regular in the old Kidd discount game show, however will still choose to recommend, because this time the work and the new work “under the freezing point” at the end of January this year into the new all-time low, so the price is a good choice for and so on party, and the graphics, gameplay these aspects think also do not need to old Kidd more nagging, like survival exploration, like the underwater scenery of the players can be brainless straight into, perhaps The only flaw is the online, there was an online module before the first generation, but it was extremely unstable, so we should wait for the official release or the new one to look forward to online

Alien Explorer Astroneer.

Price: 32.52 -55% off (Argentina).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: Third Person / Base Building / Open World / Single Player Multiplayer (up to 4 players).

Alien Explorer, simple and easy to play, single player online can have, both to enjoy the various wonderful experiences on the exploration of the alien planet, but also with friends online, I think the players who did not get it will certainly consider it, not to mention that this time the price level into a rare new record low, even if yelling without friends, at least you can also swim alone, worth recommending!

Ark: Survival Evolved ARK: Survival Evolved.

Discounted price: 1.93 -75% (Argentina Region).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Base Building / Open World / Single Player Multiplayer.

Ark: Survival Evolved, this must be most of the players who like survival exploration games have contacted, this regular flat all-time low price is still worth recommending, not to mention that the new work is coming, it is said that the combat system has joined the class soul gameplay, this can raise the difficulty not a little, handicapped parties do not know how many people will be forced to try the high difficulty, or buy a first generation, we first prepare for the combat in addition to Other gameplay content.

Star Trek Outer Wilds.

Discounted price: 37.17 -40% (Argentina Region).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Plot Rich / Open World / Single Player.

Star Topper, with a very simple drawing style, but contains the curiosity of exploration and constant challenge, like a rhythm engraved in the DNA. Considering to take care of players who want to get their hands on the game without having played it, Old Kid just wants to say that this time the price is basically close to an all-time low, if you like this kind of theme players don’t have to think too much, just go straight in, it’s a game that genuinely mobilises curiosity, not keeps opening cans


Price: 2.40 -75% off (Argentina).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Psychological Horror / Plot Rich / Single Player.

The Observatory, one of the few good games with a space theme, is an enjoyable experience for players who like this kind of theme, but perhaps a little difficult for players who are curious to try it, in addition to the first person, the human-machine switch is not adapted, but also to face a lot of conventional life is not easy to think of the puzzle process, I think this will make many impatient players resent it, really can not play it, try to see the strategy, after all, the process is not long The game can be played in 6 hours or less.

Stranded Deep.

Discounted price: 4.64 -40% (Argentina Region).

Deadline: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Survival Exploration / Open World / Single Player Multiplayer (up to 4 players).

“Desert Island Survival”, rare survival exploration game without Chinese can also be to more than half praise, the old kiddo just want to say that the developer heart really big, this game on the old kiddo personally seems to have official in at least can break with the forest, whether the picture or play are very good, of course, online stability is a problem, this and depends on personal circumstances, because it is an old game, online Chinese patch is also more comprehensive, if survival class It is a good choice for players who feel that the game is deserted.

Green Hell.

Price: 42.16 -30% off (Argentina).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Survival Exploration / Open World / Single Player Multiplayer (up to 4 players).

The Green Inferno, a tropical rainforest as the main scene of the survival game, there are built, underwater, plot, and support for the handle, the whole process down almost 17 hours or so can pass, also supports up to 4 people online, the old kiddo personal did not try to online, but visually the comment section seems to spit this aspect of the player can not find, for the time being as a stable reference, in addition to the game official still in continuous updates In March, the latest update roadmap was released, which will introduce new storage and transport tools, more challenging clans, and new animals.

The Planet Crafter.

Price: 6.19 -20% off (Argentina).

Expiry date: 2023-03-24.

Genre: First Person / Base Building / Open World / Single Player.

Planet Creator, as far as old Kid personally sees, is an outer space greening game, from the brutal weather at the beginning where you can’t see your fingers, to the back where you gradually build yourself into a green planet, apart from the ant moving process experienced during the building process, what is really impressive is perhaps the whole process from nothing to something. Try it out, it might be your cup of tea!

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