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The 10 best online games for steam that are so fun you can’t stop playing

At present, most of the games are gathered in steam platform, and its popularity is very high, almost every computer player will understand, the above games are very many kinds of games, including online games, single-player games, independent games, etc., there are many games, you can experience multiplayer online part, then this issue of the article, we recommend steam platform, the ten most suitable online fine games, fun to You simply can’t stop.

An open-world, zombie-based survival builder using the original Armed Assault 2 engine.

It started out as an indie game, but was later approved by the developers of Armed Assault and became a major game.

It is packed with content and is still being updated with new elements.

The gameplay is entirely focused on multiplayer online, and single players can also play solo when online, but it is recommended that it is most fun to play online with friends.

Be able to create a habitat of your own, create weapons, collect food and survive in a zombie-filled apocalypse.

Conan the Exile.

It is an open world, survival building game that was released in 2017.

The game is more informative and playable than Dayz and opts for a mythical fantasy theme.

There is also a customisation system in it, allowing you to create your favourite character.

In terms of gameplay, the game also incorporates strong RPG elements.

This includes characters, weapons and skills, all of which are leveled up.

In addition to building houses in depth, players can also build equipment, capture enemies as their slaves, which can be tamed into battle partners, or other workers.

This game is highly recommended and is even more fun online.


A retro cold-weapon action game with a medieval theme.

The gameplay in this one focuses on multiplayer online, although it is possible to experience the training mode offline, but it is pointless to play.

It is only in the multiplayer mode that you can create teams with online players and join different servers for cold-weapon battles.

The graphics are also very realistic and the combat is very detailed and devastating.

The multiplayer battles are also very impressive, with support for dozens of players in capture-the-flag and competitive battles.

Relic: Ash Reborn.

It is a newer, first-person multiplayer shooter with a darker theme.

The game is packed with content and incorporates a breakout mode during combat.

There is a single player mode and a 4 player online mode.

There are also plenty of rewards for completing missions in online mode.

The game also has a number of special combat skills and incorporates RPG role-playing elements, with weapons and skills that can be upgraded and improved.

Some levels can also be upgraded in difficulty and played repeatedly as replicas.

Armed Assault 3.

It is one of the most realistic war simulation, military shooters on the steam platform.

The graphics of the game are not only realistic, but they also completely simulate military tactics.

There is a lot of freedom in it and apart from normal shooting, you can also experience various types of military vehicles, including helicopters, armoured vehicles, tanks and more.

The game can also be played solo, but it is very boring to play alone.

The only way to have fun is to team up with online players and the combat has atmosphere, while enjoying special content from other players.

Tactical Squad.

It is a military simulation war game second only to Armed Assault.

The gameplay and content in it is also very similar.

And it focuses on multiplayer online to carry out missions and combat together.

The graphics are much more realistic than in Armed Assault.

Inside you can experience military tactics in more depth.

Each soldier type has different combat controls.

The game also teaches players how to control various types of weapons.

These include mortars, drones, and communication devices.

All in all, the production has a high degree of simulation.

Ark Survival Evolved.

It is one of the most well known, fantasy style, survival building games on steam at the moment.

The game is so well known that not only is the computer version popular, but the mobile and console versions also have many players online.

The scale of which is huge, the playability is high and the maps and areas to explore are large.

It is possible to collect various materials to build your own camp, and to capture nearby monsters and tame them into your own pets, or battle partners.

This game is also best suited for online play and with multiple players playing together, you can create a larger camp.

Resident Evil 6.

Don’t look at it as a single player game.

But it has an entire storyline that can be completed cooperatively with online players in a LAN or network situation.

There is also its mercenary mode, which is co-op for up to 4 players.

The online mode also includes the DLC for Survival Path.

You can use the same characters and the same weapons in it.

There is no need to use a specific character when playing the storyline, as players are free to choose their favourite character.

The game is very atmospheric when played online and two players can help each other out.


It plays a bit like Survival Path, but without a plot and with a complete focus on survival.

And it also supports online multiplayer. With single player you can only complete missions on your own, while multiplayer online is much more fun.

There are also 10 different maps in the game and each one has a different way to play.

These include rescue missions, evacuation missions, collection missions, and survival missions.

There is a strong horror atmosphere in it alongside the combat, and this game is also an indie title, but it is very playable.

Seven Days to Kill.

The graphics in this game are not comparable to the previous entries, but it never lags behind in terms of playability.

It is also because of the poor graphics that it requires a low PC configuration and can run smoothly on any console.

It which also features an open world and zombie apocalypse theme.

Players can team up to find all kinds of survival items, as well as weapons and equipment, while also working together to deal with zombies and monsters.

The game runs very smoothly and allows for a good experience of the game’s content.

This game is ideal for low configuration PC players.

So these are the 10 best games for online gaming on Steam. If you have any different ideas, please point them out in the comments section and we will keep you updated with more games every day.

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