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Ruinous Battle Banner – A light furry game recommendation

Today we have a hardcore DBG card meat pigeon with some furry content – Ruinous Battle Flag.If you only want to see orc-related content, please skip to the last part~Basic information,banners of ruin Banners of ruin official promotional image.I’ve played a lot of furry games, and I added Banners of Ruin to my steam wishlist as soon as it was released, but I chose to let it go for its not-so-cheap price, mainly because it wasn’t a proper orc-oriented game like next-door astatos, which I got for the original price.

But! The good thing is that the conscientious game makers decided to make Ruinous Wargames available for free download on steam as a hi-plus-one game on 2022.12, but unfortunately I learned this already on 2023.3 and he has resumed his price. But once again, the situation has reversed and I was pleasantly surprised to find that at steamPY he was actually selling it for only $3.80 (although I know these key sellers are getting it for free), hence this game recommendation today.

steamPY country price 2023.3.17steamPY worldwide 2023.3.17

This price is too fragrant, right, belongs to the victory of the party is waiting, decisively into the hand. The following is the introduction of the crap .

Plot The story of the Blackfoot Clan, who have formed a team to fight for justice in response to the atrocities of the exterminators, and you as a member of the Blackfoot Clan will form a team of 6 to collect weapons and armour, learn skills (cards) and upgrade your talents to finally succeed in the crusade against the royal family.

The Watcher’s Post Hardcore,I have to say that this game is small but its gameplay is very well developed, with a wide range of talents and card skills that can be combined to create a variety of fun genres, and the random nature of the events brings more variety to the experience.

The main reason why this card game is a bit hardcore is that it is difficult to face the oncoming enemies with fewer characters and cards unlocked in the early stages, and the bleeding damage from armor piercing will often bring trouble to newbies who don’t know how to match the replies, and the Watcher (the third boss) steals armor with a few hundred damage blasts that catch people off guard.

Many newcomers choose to avoid a lot of war in the early stages of the game, resulting in the late character level character number of equipment quality can not keep up, yes, I am talking about the first time I played (2 characters to play the Watcher was killed by the explosion of my QAQ), and some newcomers will come out of a card to pick up a card deck is very confusing and then be killed by the explosion (this is still the first time I played).

The good thing is that the game doesn’t give you any frustration, instead you will attribute your failures to your unfamiliarity with the mechanics of the game, which will inspire you to want to win and play further.

It’s a game that I had underestimated because I’m not originally a fan of card games, but after actually playing it I realised that it’s a really enjoyable game to play through for almost 3-5 hours a hand, and you can quit and save at any time, so it’s quite fun to play for an afternoon or play a battle in pieces. I passed the Watcher in game 6 and the Prince in game 7, with 20 hours of play time, and expect the game to be playable for 10-100 hours.

The lineup is very unsatisfactory finally playing the prince opening switch sub off 2 output position grinding a full 40 minutes, but very sense of accomplishment.The game’s recent status.

This game has been sent for free, but it still feels like not many people have played it, it’s really niche.

The first anniversary of the update of the DLC Gunpowder Master and some scenes of new enemies, the strength is not satisfactory, only a single role to open the game, can not recruit the role of pure pure jail, the late fight bosses are not as strong as the poison stream .

2022.7.30 DLC Gunpowder Master.

The newest version of the DLC, the Moonstone and some of the new enemies in the scene, can be opened with 1-2 characters, positioning support role, the general feeling of strength is not as strong as the standard version of the role, the late is also pure jail.

2022.12.6 DLC Moonstone.

This game is already very high degree of completion, it is estimated that the follow-up may be at most a few roles, when bored to open a hand or quite interesting, personally do not recommend the purchase of DLC.Overview.

The style of Ruinous Battle Banner belongs to the European and American style cartoon orcs, and most of the screen content is medieval style. If you are holding to see the rich plot and shibboleth to come, it is recommended to go out and turn left itch and red P’s visual novel. The kernel of this game lies in its excellent gameplay, but there is no denying that his art is also very good.

One of the official stand-ups.

Some of the cards are pictured below.

So cute can you stab me  Nice expression pinch let me conk! Don’t come to the edge! Can’t hit pinch  pain pain painI won’t spoil the scenes here.All in all this is an excellent card game, belonging to the light furry game, worth playing.

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