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The Magician’s Hand 2 comes with new gameplay, the Chosen One is here to get an exclusive fantasy beast!

Magician is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and it is one of the most popular titles in the gaming world. By the year 2000, such a theme could be considered to have encompassed an era of gaming. And in ’06 Magician was one of the best, with its excellent gameplay and groundbreaking 2.5D gameplay graphics making it the king of MMORPGs at the time. The power of the Magic Kingdom IP lies not only in itself, but also in its subsequent operation. In the following years, Magician was repeatedly successful in its IP updates, launching Storm Magician, Magician Handbook and Magician Interoperable Edition, which won many registered users after 19 days online, so you can imagine how successful this IP really is.

This epic IP spanning 17 years is back in action once again and leads its new release, Magic Hand 2, on the scene. This game not only replicates the classic gameplay of Magic Online, but also carries over its predecessor perfectly. That’s why this game has just started its peak test and is particularly hot, with full servers, so today I’ll give you a brief explanation of what the game has to offer.

In terms of gameplay, “Magic Hand 2” is basically similar to the end game “Magic”, but in fact, in addition to the perfect inheritance of the original gameplay, “Magic Hand 2” has made a lot of innovations. In the end-game, for example, there is a dual phantom beast system with the original and secondary phantom beasts. The handheld game has been upgraded to a three phantom beast mode, and although there is one more phantom to raise, the raising process is easier than in previous titles. Fewer materials are required for illusions and the threshold for obtaining them has been lowered. Instead of requiring experience orbs, microcrystals are now required to raise phantom beasts. At the same time the amount of experience contained in Phantom Microcrystals is enormous, with the largest number of Phantom Microcrystals containing a certain amount of experience which does not disappear before the prop has been used, making it a sustainable prop.

The side pet associated with the illusion is the addition of the strange beast this rare beast illusion, this illusion beast rank is the lowest of all illusion beast rank inside, there is not much difficulty in getting it, and the attributes are not too much, but it has a very important application, that is, can be for any illusion beast illusion material. The players no longer need to worry about the problem of phantom beasts phantom vice pets, after all, a rare and powerful phantom beast is not easy to get, if every phantom to have the same pet, then the consumption of resources is too much.

In addition, the game also has a phantom beast knight system. The game also has a phantom knight system. Players can appoint their favorite phantom beasts as phantom knights, and different phantom knights can provide players with different buffs, such as the wisdom knight which provides players with extra experience bonuses. The new “Magician’s Handbook 2” also features a new phantom beast icon that allows players to get more familiar with the categories and attributes of the many phantom beasts, learn about the most suitable phantom beasts and hatch the most suitable ones for themselves.

Magician 2 provides a new positioning and gameplay for the fantasy beast system, making it more useful in battle. The raising of phantom beasts is more on the casual side of the gameplay, less complicated and a higher overall experience. Are you already excited about this fun mode of play? If so, come and download Magic Hand 2 from the official website and let’s train powerful phantom beasts to conquer the four corners of the Thunder Continent together!

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