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Ohayoo has another “vampire-like” game, a new way to play killing games

Casual new game weekly report weekly statistics WeChat mini-games, QQ mini-games, Jitterbug mini-games, hardcore mini-games and new games on the App Store and Google Play, and according to the classification of the production table, the game ranking and other information published, hope to give to the industry peer help.In terms of ultra-casual games, another grass-cutting game by Ohayoo shot to the Top 5 on the App Store Free Games list. Melon Playground”, a simulation game from 27 Studio, shot up to No.2 on the list.

In terms of heavy games, the QQ mini-game chart saw Sanji’s “Douluo Continent” return to the top of the QQ mini-game chart, while “Love the Mountain, Love the Beauty” rose in the rankings and returned to the Top 10 of the best-selling list. The game was followed by Hero Trainer and Sword of Heaven at No.3 and No.4 respectively.

Casual Games: “World Pinball King” Top 6, “2048 Enhanced Edition” back to Top 2.

In terms of casual games this week, two of Hooten’s placement games, King of Salted Fish and Crazy Knights, were both ranked in the Top 5 of the popularity chart, with King of Salted Fish topping the popularity chart and Crazy Knights sitting at No.5. Meanwhile, World Pinball King from Dengue Network also entered the top of the WeChat popularity chart this week, and is currently at No.6 on the chart.

World Pinball King is a puzzle catapult game with two main modes: unlimited score and level challenge. In the game, players can easily control the pinball by sliding the screen and hitting the elements on the screen. The more elements you hit, the more points you get and the more levels you can pass, and the game ends when an element dodges the pinball and crosses the corresponding game area. It is worth noting that the game has a friend list system which plays an important role in boosting players’ desire to share and win.

In the Jitterbug mini-game platform, “Sheep A Goat” continued to be a hit, sitting at the top of the Hot List, followed by “2048 Enhanced Edition”, which combines classic synthesis and parkour gameplay, taking the No. 2 spot on the Jitterbug mini-game Hot List, while “Lay Flat Development” by Honey Badger Workshop remained in the Top 3 of the list.

Players can control the numbers in the game and navigate through a track full of numbers, touching numbers smaller than their own to form larger numbers, and when they touch numbers larger than their own, the game is over. The game topic is currently played 31,472,000 times in the Jitterbug station, and several of the videos with the highest popularity are showing the game’s high difficulty and difficulty in passing the game. The Teahouse notes that on the Jitterbug platform, this type of video content that deliberately does not pass the levels easily attracts the attention of users and brings a good conversion effect for the game.

Ultra-casual games: Ohayoo’s new games hit the Top 5, killing games now have new ways to play.

According to public information, the game was officially launched as early as November 2022, but its performance has been mediocre in the past few months since its launch, and its ranking has remained stable in the top 100 free games. The game was officially launched back in March 2022, but its performance has been mediocre in the months since its launch, with the list ranking remaining stable in the top 100 free games. It was not until March 17 that the game’s ranking surged, rising from outside the top 300 on the free list to the Top 5 in just three days.

In terms of game content, My Meow Will Kung Fu, a “vampire survivor-like” game, inherits the core gameplay of grass cutting + meat pigeon, but also further enhances the immersion and involvement of the game through the design of custom weapons and drawing lines to launch attacks.

Hunt N Seek: Survival Rainbow, a hide-and-seek title, topped the Google Play free games chart in the US, followed by Melon Playground, a simulation game, at number 2 on the free games chart.

The gameplay of Hunt N Seek: Survival Rainbow is nothing new, as in each game the character becomes an object and the player needs to control the character to hide in a suitable place to avoid the rainbow man to pass the game. In order to achieve better buy-in, the game’s buy-in materials showcase the actual game content as well as images from other products on the market with similar gameplay, in order to showcase the core gameplay and attract player interest.

Melon Playground is a sandbox game that offers players a variety of items and elements, including characters, knives, guns and bombs, which they can choose from to create their own scenarios. Judging by the amount of material bought, the game’s main attraction is the game’s infinitely combinable “killing gameplay”. For many years, ultra-casual games with gory and violent elements of killing have been favoured by many players in overseas markets in the name of “relieving stress”, which in a way shows the tendency of some overseas ultra-casual players.

Heavy H5 games: Card games continue to be hot, with Legend of King’s Landing sitting at the top.

In terms of heavy games, card games continued to gain a lot of popularity in the QQ mini-game bestseller list, with two of the top 5 spots in the QQ mini-game bestseller list being card games, namely YunYou Interactive’s Hu Lai Three Kingdoms and Tencent’s Hero Kill. A total of four card products were among the top 9 QQ heavy mini-games this week.

In the hardcore mini-game list, Legend of King’s Landing continued to be a hit, taking the top spot in the hardcore heavy category for another week, followed by the turn-based mini-game Hero Trainer and the fairy-themed game Heavenly Sword Fantasy, which were ranked No. 3 and No. 4 respectively in the hardcore hot list.

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