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Invincible heroes 5 sanctuary troop introduction main force surprisingly not angels

This article focuses on the Sanctuary troop types.The first order of soldiers: peasants, militia, mobs.Comment: This is the basic soldier type of the Holy Church. The base yield is 22, the highest of the five generations of first class soldiers, and the attributes are still 1, but life has become 4. Even though life has increased 4 times, this is still cannon fodder.The only thing of value is his troop stunt.Peasant The peasant is a taxpayer, providing 1 gold per day per peasant.

A quick analysis: there are 2 main ways to recruit peasants, 1 for 15 gold in the city and 1 for free in the peasant huts in the wild.

If you recruit in the city, then it takes 15 days to get your money back. If you see it in the wilderness, you will definitely earn.

In order to strengthen the peasants, the fifth generation has added an unprecedented hero with a peasant specialty: Elaney.

Boosting attack and defence is secondary, the main thing is that the peasants she takes with her double the money she gives every day. Brothers and sisters, this chick with 1000 peasants is earning 2000 per day. Considering the Sanctuary’s training mob stream, there is no amount of money too much.

First Form Militia Soldier Special: Shield Slash: Each attack has the potential to stun the enemy, rendering them unable to retaliate or losing attack priority (creatures with mechanical properties are unaffected).

Does not change the nature of cannon fodder, probably the only advantage is that when 1 militia goes to slash an enemy to cheat a counterattack, there is a small surprise that knocks the enemy unconscious.

Second Form Thug Soldier Stunt: Strong Attack: Creature has a chance to attack twice.

I’m not sure how bad the situation would be if someone tried to flip the game with this troop stunt during the battle.

The second rank of soldiers: archers, crossbowmen, crossbowmen.

Comment: This is the mainstay of the early, mid and even late stages of the Sanctuary. Weekly base production of 12. The disadvantage is that the life value is too small. It is difficult to survive a first strike by the enemy. If you get close up, you will die. Be sure to look after it when playing in the field. Of the two forms, I would basically only choose the crossbow, the ability to shoot the whole field is a god skill.

In the later stages, through the unique training of the Sanctuary, it is very easy to burst a large number of 2-stage soldiers, when the duel, with the role of other soldiers, such as the 3-stage soldier guard soldier stunt: protection of companions, such as the 7-stage soldier archangel soldier stunt: resurrection, such as the 5-stage soldier holy ruler blessing magic, which makes the role of archers, even in the duel, is also very terrible, is also a can sway the victory or defeat This makes the archer a formidable force, even in a duel, and one that can make or break the outcome.

Archer Special skill: Scatter Shot. This is an active skill that can be used to cover a 3*3 area and does half the damage of a normal attack.

There are some scenarios, but not many, so it is better than nothing.

First Form Crossbowman Special skill: accurate shooting, ignoring defence within 3 frames.

Adding 1 point of attack and 1 point of defence and 2 points of life, the damage value has changed from 2-4 to 2-8, the highest in the second tier, and the soldier stunt has very scary damage when the opponent is at close range, restraining high defence soldiers, just. The crossbowman would be best to survive until that moment….

Second Form Crossbow Troop Special: No firing penalty: On long-range attacks (with a range of more than half the length of the battlefield), the archer does not suffer the damage value drop penalty. 2-8 damage, with the addition of blessed magic, can hit a surprise output.

This is the same stunt as the 3rd generation phantom shooter. Back in the day, Gru brought a few hundred phantom shooters and killed Gods and Buddhas, remember the thrill?

The third rank of soldiers: infantry, guards, maintainers.

Comment: Moderate meat shield. The best thing about this is that it’s a meat shield, but it’s also cannon fodder.

The enemy is often busy killing archers, priests, cavalry, angels and other types of soldiers, and often ignores infantry. So in an evenly matched situation, instead the fight comes to an end and the output of the whole group of maintainers explodes.

Infantry Infantry Stunt 1: Enrage: Once a creature is killed, the creature’s attack ability is increased (except for reanimated and summoned creatures).

Troop Stunt 2: Giant Shield: Creature’s damage is halved when it takes a non-magical long-range attack.

Troop Stunt 3: Shield Slash: Each attack has the potential to stun the enemy, rendering it unable to retaliate or losing attack priority (creatures with mechanical properties are unaffected).

This is a 44.4% increase from 18 points of life before upgrade to 26 points after upgrade, and it also increases attack and defence considerably.

First Form Guard Special feature: Protect your companions: All your troops on the adjacent squares are half damaged by non-magical long-range attacks.

This boosts attack by 1 point, defence by 2 points, damage from 2-4 to 2-5, and life by a full 8 points. With the new stunt, it is particularly effective against the enemy’s massive archer force, and is particularly effective against long-range physical output, especially the Foresters.

It needs to be right next to your own side’s troops, so you can give due consideration to splitting up and taking up positions where you can protect more than one of your own troops.

Second Form Defender Troop Special: Shunning Cleave: If an attack causes at least one creature to die, then an additional attack is gained.

Attack is boosted by 4 points, defence is unchanged, damage goes from 2-4 to 2-5, and life is boosted by a full 8 points, making the new soldier stunt smoking strong. The new troop stunt is very good in the early, mid and late stages.

It can also be used in a variety of ways: you can wait until later, use peasant fodder to cheat the counter and then hit a 2-strike, or you can split up the team and use a defender from the front team to cheat the counter while the back team outputs the whole defender.

Fourth rank: Griffon, Royal Griffon, Fighting Griffon Comment: The attack priority of 15 is insane and ranks among the best in the whole of Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

Upgrade form 1 Royal Griffin’s dive, is the first turn to disappear, at this time is not able to be attacked, simply invisible bomber, followed by the second turn before dive attack, randomly fall to a certain location. The Royal Griffin’s swoop is the first turn to disappear, at which point it cannot be attacked.

Although the long-range soldiers can move a bit to avoid the dive, which is equivalent to forcing the long-range archers not to attack this turn, which is a kind of tactical suppression.

The swoop of the Fighting Griffon in Upgrade Form 2 is a one-turn only swoop attack that does not disappear and has a rectangular attack range in the direction of a vertical battlefield, mainly to control the vertical movement of troops in this area. Enemies need to move laterally if they want to dodge.

The downside is that life is too low, with the Royal Griffin having a surprisingly low 35 life and the Fighting Griffin having barely enough life at 50. The griffin still doesn’t solve the main problem, which is that although it has unlimited counter output, survival is a big problem.

The output is considerable, but the losses are even more considerable. This unit is not in the training range, and the only way to explode high numbers is basically to rely on a massive number of wilderness nests.

Griffon Troop Stunt 1: Infinite Counterattack: Creatures can always counterattack in melee, unless attacked by a creature with an uncounterattack ability.

Stunt 2: Living entity: These creatures are living flesh and blood and can be revived.

Troop Stunt 3: Immunity to Blindness: Blindness magic cannot affect this creature.

Stunt 4: Large creature: This creature is huge and takes up four squares of space on the battlefield.

Stunt 5: Flying creature: This creature can move anywhere within the effective squares of the battlefield without being affected by obstacles in front of it.

First form Royal Griffon Troop Stunt 6: Combat Swoop: Creatures can perform a delayed aerial attack at a chosen location on the battlefield, dealing double damage to all creatures. This includes friendly troops that accidentally stray into that position. After the attack, the creature returns to a randomly selected location on the battlefield.

Attack is boosted by 2 points, defence is boosted by 2 points, damage goes from 5-10 to 5-15 and life is boosted by 5 points to 35. The added stunt is a godsend, and it’s a one-hit kill against enemy long-range troops.

The downside is that you can only attack 1 time in 2 turns. Also, the random landing spot at the end of the dive is a bit dodgy.

Second form: Fighting Griffon Battle Griffin Stunt 7: Battle Rage: Each counter attack is worth 1.5 times the damage of the previous counter attack. Hui I tested it out and there should be a limit to the same turn.

Soldier Stunt 8: Burst Dive: Active skill, can only be used once per battle, dive attacks all enemy troops within two vertical rows (12×2 on normal battlefield) on the battlefield, dealing 75% damage to the enemies in the area before returning to the original position. Unlike the combat dive, the attack is completed on the turn and falls back to the far side.

Attack boosted by 1 point, defence boosted by 5 points by 71.4%, damage changed from 5-10 to 8-12 and life boosted by 20 points to 50, a horrible 66.7% increase. Attack priority reduced from 15 points, to 10 points! More horror!!!

The blood and defence in the soldier attributes have gone up wildly and the survivability has been greatly increased. The reduction in attack priority is so great that it immediately transforms from a first strike unit to a second strike unit. The strategic significance has changed considerably.

Stunt 7: Battle Rage, which is much more powerful against counterattacks, is suitable for some special scenarios, but is still too narrow in its applicability.

Stunt 8’s swoop is lower than Stunt 6’s swoop, although the damage is lower, but the output is high. Enemies who want to avoid this swoop can only move forward, which will force long-range troops to stand forced forward and lose a turn of output, which has far more strategic significance than damage. But … Is there much pvp in this game?

Fifth order soldiers: priests, sacred rulers, zealots.

Comments: 8000 construction cost. Under the normal economy, basically there is a congress, before considering the construction of this troop, resulting in this troop very late, the training of the sacred church divine technology, and most of the players choose to train him as a knight. This makes it difficult to stack up this troop number.

The attributes and damage are not much of a standout point among the level 5 soldiers of all races. So this unit is basically in a functional position in the Sanctuary, with the right amount of troops, plus gaining magic or cleaning up enemy magic on the line.

Priest Soldier Stunt 1: Archer: The creature can deal long-range damage to the enemy. When the distance to the target is greater than half the length of the battlefield, the target takes only half the normal damage value. In the case of a blocking enemy creature, the shooter is unable to make long-range attacks. If there are no ammunition carts in the army, there is a limit to the number of shots that can be fired.

Troop Stunt 2: No Melee Penalty: The Archer takes no damage reduction penalty in melee combat.

Troop Stunt 3: Living Entity: These creatures are living flesh and blood and can be revived.

Stunt 2 is actually very powerful for Archers, but as Fai reviewed earlier, this troop number is not very good for bursting too much, so it is not very useful in practice.

First Form Holy Magistrate Stunt 4: Magic creature: This creature can actively use a series of magic spells similar to those used by the hero. It has a small reserve of magic, but it will be filled at the start of each battle. The power of the spell depends on the number of creatures.

Soldier Stunt 5: Immunity to Frenzy: Immune to the “Curse of Madness” spell.

Attack and defence are increased by 2 points, and life is increased to 80, but this is not important, as it allows the release of three light spells: Extraordinary Power, Swift Action and Indomitable. This greatly increases the combat power of the Sanctuary troops.

Second Form Zealot This creature can actively use a series of magic spells similar to those used by the hero. It has a small reserve of magic but is filled at the start of each battle. The power of the spell depends on the number of creatures.

Stunt 7: Cleanse: This creature attacks with a chance to dispel positive status spells from the target of the attack.

Stunt 7 is released automatically and comfortably.

A very good functional soldier, useful in certain offensive battles and to remove gain effects from enemies.

Sixth order soldiers: knights, paladins, elite knights.Comments: Crazy numbers, training, nesting, desperate piles. This unit is much more powerful than the angels due to its far greater number of level 7 soldiers. Please upgrade to elite knights (red) as soon as possible.

Invincible is the loneliest.

Knights Troop Stunt 1: Living Entity: These are living flesh and blood creatures that can be revived.Troop stunt 2: Large creature: This creature is huge and has to occupy four squares on the battlefield.Soldier Stunt 3: Gunnery: The damage value of the creature’s attack is calculated by the number of squares from the opponent, with each additional square increasing the damage by 5%.

Upgrade as soon as possible, there is nothing to say.

First Form Paladin Troop Stunt 4: Holy Healing: The creature can completely heal a single designated target in its own army and remove all harmful magic from that unit.Soldier Stunt 5: Immunity to Frenzy: Immunity to the “Curse of Madness” spell.I don’t use holy healing anyway, I prefer to attack and destroy the enemy. I’d rather attack and destroy the enemy, and rely on the tent or angel for healing.

Second Form Elite Knight Troop Stunt 6: Champion Charge: When a creature attacks a target, if it moves more than 2 squares away, the troops behind the target take half damage.

Between blood and fire, out comes the elite, the earth trembles, the fire shines, the silver spear drips blood, the war horses all hiss, and every charge chills the enemy.

Every time I use this soldier I recall, back when I played “Red Alert”, exploding a bunch of tanks and then all flat a through.

Sorry, no need to operate, just push you flat.The seventh rank of soldiers: angels, archangels, blazing angels.AngelsStunt 1: Living entity: These creatures are living flesh and blood and can be revived.

Troop type stunt 2: Large creature: This creature is huge and has to occupy four squares on the battlefield.

Stunt 3: Flying creature: These creatures can move anywhere within the effective squares of the battlefield without being affected by obstacles in front of them.


Troop Stunt 4: Resurrect allies In combat, this creature has one chance to revive a fallen troop on its side as long as the location of the fallen unit is not occupied by another creature (active ability).

Number of reanimations Number of Archangels x 100 divided by the life limit of the reanimated soldier.

A hero’s reincarnation can also revive troops, but it reduces their life limit by 10%, whereas an angel’s revive does not reduce the life limit, but only 1 time per battle, which is also awkward.

Troop Stunt 5: Followers of the Light: If a hero or troop casts a light spell (excluding killing and shifting) on the battlefield, this creature is entitled to a share and the effect is expert level.

The MVP angel of the 3rd generation, the 5th generation can still be used. Attack priority is average, and resurrection can reduce battle damage.

Killing Angel This creature can actively use a series of magic spells similar to those used by the hero. It has a small reserve of magic but will be filled at the start of each battle. The power of the spell depends on the number of creatures.

Can unleash divine vengeance and holy words of light.Divine Vengeance costs 14 mana.Holy Word of Light is more powerful against undead and infernal creatures. Magic damage = number of blazing angels x 90.Of all the soldiers in the 5th generation, the one with the highest attack is the Holy Church’s Killing Angel, with 35 points of attack.In a 1v1 battle, the blazing angels beat the archangels. However, in the actual multi-soldier duel, my personal opinion is that the Archangels are better to use.

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