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The Oracles” 3/24 preview summary: Heaven’s way of cutting the dusk dawn, the hand of the deceased son Absu

1、[New Subby] Yin and Yang Cut Dusk Dawn – Heaven’s Path of WujiThe sun comes out of the east, the moon is born in the west, the yin and the yang are long and short, and the end and the beginning patrol each other.(1) Heaven’s Way Wuji ChallengeIf you open the Battle of Heaven’s Path and pass it, you will get a chance to evolve and get the super powerful pet Yin Yang Cut Dawn – Heaven’s Path.(2) Heavenly Way Wuji Supreme Special.

You can win the Tendou Wuji lottery and get the Tendou Wuji training package at the Light Start Tendou Wuji Supreme Special, which will help you easily obtain and train Yin Yang Cut Faint Dawn – Tendou Wuji!

(3) The strongest glory of Tendo Wuji.

Cultivate your subby to full battle power to receive the gorgeous golden title and rise to the glory ranking!

2、New Subby Frost Blessing North-Paris.

Even if we die, our will will make a final stand against our destiny and never give in!

(1) Parris Challenge.

Defeat three consecutive Parris Challenges and ensure that you and your friendly Parris survive to receive Frost Blessing North – Parris!

(2) 299 One-Second Supreme.

A limited time only benefit! The 299 Star Coin One-Second Supreme Training Special will open immediately after you get Frost Blessing North – Paris!

3. [New Subby] Night Cherry.

Since the birth of Yin Yang Mountain, a cherry tree seed fell from the sky and absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and the moon. She slowly became self-aware and gave herself the name Night Cherry.

(1) The Night Cherry event is underway.

Help Sakura prepare for the event and complete all the levels to receive a Night Sakura subby egg!

(2) Night Sakura Evolution Trailer.

Night Sakura will evolve into the powerful Chisan Rakugan no Kaguya – Night Sakura on March 31.

4. [New Subby] Soul Apostle – Kali.

Vali, who was once given a soul source crystal by Absu, has gained the power to communicate with souls. She is determined to pursue Absu and give inanimate objects their souls, giving them the ability to move freely.

(1) Recharge your Sapphire and receive a Seasonal Fee.

New season fee, top up your Sapphire and get it for free!

Become a 2023 annual fee or recharge 1 month of Sapphire to receive Soul Apostle – Carrie for free.

(2) One-click training with super benefits.

One-click training, one-click soul card full battle, a full set of full-star exclusive diamond clothing optional purchase!

(3)Seasonal Fee Plus.

Seasonal fee Carrie grants annual fee Absu Eternal Pact 2nd extra skill and unlocks Eternal Pact 2nd contract bit.

5. [New Skin] Hand of the Son – The Perfect Absu.

The hand of the son. The red dress is knotted with the same heart, and the two wings are joined.

(1) Absu’s perfect flower wedding lucky draw.

Absu’s beautiful Flower Wedding skin is now available. Get it!

(2) Single backpack background.

– If you have the “Hand of the Son” skin, you will be able to open your personal backpack background: “Not to be outdone by spring”.

– You can also get the limited title of “A Smile in Your Eyes” for having Absu’s Perfect Flower Wedding skin and the same costume.

6、【Clothing special】The special price of one set is back.

The special price of one set is back for a limited time! Beautiful costumes are waiting for you to buy!

7、【Sakura Festival Benefit Center】Double badges for battlespace.

S15 season will be settled and ranking rewards will be issued on April 7!

Help the S15 season sprint!

From March 24 to April 6, participate in Battlespace ranking matches to get double S15 badges! You can get up to 60 per day.

S16 skin preview: season exclusive ranking rewards include angel sister cute skin!

8, [Cherry Blossom Festival Welfare Center] Thousands of mountains falling cherry blossom wish gift.

From March 31, log in to receive cherry blossom gift packs and rewards of your choice, there is also a thousand mountain cherry blossom event version of the content of the explosion!

9. [Thousand Hills Cherry Blossom Festival] Invitation from Night Cherry.

Learn more about the Thousand Hills Cherry Blossom Festival, receive an invitation to the event, and receive the gift of the night cherry blossoms!

Thousand mountain cherry blossom event on March 31, we will not see you there!

10、[Cherry Blossom Festival Theme Activity] See-sawing on Yin and Yang Mountain.

Little Yin and Little Yang will play the seesaw together to get a huge amount of crystal beans and a generous amount of Yin and Yang talisman paper!

11、Sakura Festival Special Sakura Season Sapphire Benefits.

Cherry blossom season blue treasure super benefits! Exclusive Star Coin Deluxe Gift Pack!

(1) God pet star coin gift.

During the event period, recharge 1 month Sapphire immediately returned 100 Star Coins and counted in the accumulated charge, to receive seasonal Soul Apostle – Carrie, and more 1500 Star Coins worth of luxury gift package!

(2) Get a top-notch pet when you recharge Sapphire.

Charge Sapphires to get a chance to win a lottery, rewards include a key to top quality training, top god pet 3 choice 1 and practical god pet 3 choice 1. Each reward can only be received once! The rest of the chances can be obtained by recharging Sapphires or by purchasing a number of exclusive special offers for the annual fee!

12、Annual fee is crowned again! Thousands of sponsorship codes will be given away for free!

During the event period, you can get the chance to draw official sponsorship codes by accumulating online time, 1000 official sponsorship codes per week. Use the sponsorship code can open the annual fee exclusive channel, casting star coins can receive free annual fee subby Absu, no sponsorship code or has activated the sponsorship code of small Ora, the grand prize replaced with props rewards.

13、[Cherry Blossom Festival special] Diamond clothes serial purchase.

The exclusive Diamond Dress Chain Buy surprise returns! Draw your exclusive discount to buy exclusive diamond costumes and train your god pets!

14、Sakura Festival Special The perfect skin of Flower Wedding.

The best Hanamaji skin is back for a limited time, and the Cherry Blossom Festival coupons are on sale! Encounter your goddess of flower marriage!

15、[Copy Update] Night Sakura’s Spirit of Purification Battlefield.

Purify your soul in Sakura’s Battlefield Fantasy!

(1) Night Sakura crosses the spirit and purifies the battlefield.

Night Sakura has lured us into her battlefield illusion! The spirits in the illusion have an obsession that they cannot let go of and are unable to pass on to the next life, wandering in this realm. If they do so for a long time, it will lead to a disaster. Each time the undead are purified, the birth tree of Night Cherry becomes more and more lush, causing the aura of Sakura to rise on the battlefield. We hear that everyone can gain a share of power from the Breath of Sakura, so go and experience it in the Battlefield Mirage! Open this week – the Land of New Enlightenment. Get the Crystals of the Fallen Cherry and the Night Cherry token by purifying the battlefield and exchange them for rewards!

(2) High-end Challenge: Dual Life of the Reverse Element.

Clear the Reverse Element Double Life and receive a reward of the Tendo Wuji chat box!

(3) Night Sakura Gift, Sakura Treasure Vault.

Use the falling cherry crystals and night cherry tokens dropped in the battlefield illusion to get a lot of rewards!

16. [Basic Update.

(1)Optimization of the battle in the Yin Yang Mountain domain.

– Optimize the course descriptions and add a description of the star limit for each course, plus the star level will be inherited to the next course.

– Fix the problem that the “Top 100 Titles” in the reward display was incorrectly displayed in the second and third races, instead it should be the 11th-100th place title reward.

– Optimize the display of leader subbies in “Common Lineups”, “Video Lineups” and “Matchmaking Interface”.

(2) Information card optimization.

Fix the problem that when viewing the details of the subbie lineup in the information card, some information of the light start subbies was displayed incorrectly.

(3) Optimization of subbie information.

The display of “Blast Rate” and “Blast Damage” of Soul Card has been updated in the subbie ability information panel; and the number display has been optimized to avoid incomplete display of values.

(4) Standby interface optimization.

The standby interface has been updated to include “Settings”, which allows you to quickly modify the standby style.

(5) Prop item display optimisation.

Added the display of the number of items owned in the prop item tips panel.

(6)Light Apocalypse icon optimization.

In the Light Start subs icon detail, the “Exclusive Diamond” logo is added to the subs that have been equipped with the exclusive diamond costume, and the effect of the exclusive diamond costume can be viewed.

(7) Happy Island Optimization.

Added “Exit” entrance to the Fun Island scene to facilitate returning to other scenes.

(8) H5 Kanban Board Optimization.

New “Dynamic/Static” switch function has been added to the H5 Kanban board, with dynamic image used by default.

(9)Battle display optimization.

– Add skill type description when viewing the skills of Light Start subby in battle.

– Optimize the colour classification and sorting of BUFF icons in battle.

– Add the number of valid rounds for some BUFF effects to be displayed.

Paris shows us where the Duke is, but the only way to break through the limits of the Alchemy Formation is to borrow the extreme power of the other side …… He will stake his life on a complete collision with the Alchemy Formation with the power of the Other Flame, opening the way to space.

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