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How do they play the game? A friend to accompany you through thick and thin

The 2023 Goddess Festival is now underway, and today we’ve connected with a number of female players who have participated in the event to hear their stories about their lives in Dahua.Here’s a closer look at these women of the jungle, to learn more about their stories and to feel their inseparable bond with DaXia!I. Orange juice mushroom from Mount Huaguo.My name is Orange Juice Mushroom, game ID: 49129961, since 2019 officially opened the big story career, until now has been five years. In fact, to say the earliest contact with big talk, or school that will see brother play, see more will also see some, he is sometimes busy, will also let me help to do the task, since then big talk slowly into my life, thanks to big talk with my wind and rain, old and meet new years, spring to have a good flower branch, wish big talk more and more good!

I am from the Huaguoshan server Qing Yunge gang, the most attractive part of Dazhong is the various play activities, and I was lucky to meet my teammate “Gongzi resignation Bonnie”, he brought me to join the current team, every day together to do daily, do the task we chat about some interesting things in life, play a ladder waterway these PK play It’s been a lot of fun to learn from our experiences in the battles!

Thank you for your unfailing support, and thank you to all my teammates for your tolerance, I sincerely say thank you. I would like to thank you all for your support in this event. The stars of our youth may be a little hazy, but we have enough enthusiasm to light up our own lives!

II. Jusei Three Worlds Mai Mai.

My name is Mai Mai, game ID: 80568298, I started playing Dazhong in 2020 and have been playing for almost three years now. The first time I came into contact with this game was because my colleague was playing, and then he left his job, so I used his computer to start my career in DaXia, and at the beginning I couldn’t do anything, I studied blindly in it, and when I got to level 50 I met my first initiation teacher, he had four numbers, so he took me with him to catch ghosts and do days, during which he also taught me a lot of things, and later I also dragged my best friend to play with me, and she also played from a small I want to say it’s been great knowing you guys!

I’m from the Rainbow City gang on the Jusei Three Worlds server, and my favourite way to play at the moment is to level up, it’s very satisfying to watch the experience slowly rise. Thanks to the male demon I first met, and my best friends Bear and Piglet, who have taught me so much. Thank you for allowing us to meet, I hope I can have a long and long relationship with DaDaDa, first time to participate in this activity, I hope you can support me a little ~ thank you!

III. The End of the World

My name is , game ID: 7015624, I have been playing Dazhong since 04, off and on until now, I am very grateful to Dazhong, accompany me through so many days and nights, happy or unhappy when it is all there, more importantly, when lonely in here can find a lot of playmates, accompany me no longer lonely, I like this game, hope Dazhong can be better and better!

I’m from the Incognito gang on the Cape and Sky server. I usually like to kill demons and stars with my brothers and sisters, and I like the PK gameplay in DaXia the most, which has also allowed me to meet many friends from all over the country. Here I hope our friendship can last, to participate in this activity is actually encouraged by everyone, otherwise really do not have the courage to participate, I hope you can vote on me, here is your !

4、Huaguo Mountain Wine Der Wildcat

My name is wine der wildcat, game ID: 79356512, the first contact with the big story is in 2011, then played a classic version of the big story, in 2020 when I happened to know that there is a free version of the big story, the beginning I still use the classic version of those thinking, the results are not at all what I thought, and then meet some teammates, they taught me how to build equipment, teach me how to with, and then to the back of the build baby, let me step by step to now.

I’m from the Jusei Three Worlds server, and I love PK, whether it’s a gang war or other competitions, I’ll take part in them all, I think PK is very exciting, especially when the wind is turned over, it’s very fulfilling! Thank you to all my friends who have been with me along the way, and to Dazhong for allowing me to meet friends from all walks of life, and lastly, I wish Dazhong more and more beautiful and better. Thank you for supporting my little brothers and sisters, the cat once again thank you for your love!

Five, the sky of the edge of a stream to fall in love with,

I’ve been playing DaXia for four years now, and I came into contact with the game in 2018, when I saw my brother playing, and I followed him under the influence. I’ve made a lot of good friends, and I can chat with them about my life in my spare time. No matter how busy I am, I always find time to play every day because I love the game and my friends so much that I have been playing until now!

I’m from the Thousands of Seasons gang on the Fate server, and I like to kill stars with my teammates, and I like to work on a quest, so I’m just happy to be with my teammates and leave all my other worries behind. I would also like to thank my teammates, my “Qian Qian” Baozi, thanks to the game of Dazhong let me meet a lot of friends, the first time to participate in the [good people have a date] activities, I hope you support more! I hope you will support me.

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