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Yao and other soft auxiliary how to help teammates establish an advantage in the early stage

When it comes to soft auxiliaries, most sisters like to play Cai Wenji ah, Da Qiao, Yao, Sun Bin these, then on the strength, Yao in level 4 after a strong period. How can you build an advantage for your teammates in the early stages?The soft auxiliary’s frankness and control is not the kind of Lian Po Xiang Yu and other high frankness heroes meat, as the front row. In the early stage in the turn line Sun Bin can have two skills to accelerate and a skill to consume, to help teammates quickly clear soldiers. And Yao in the first level to learn 1 or learn two skills?

There are two situations.

The first stage has control hero, learn a skill, so that the first stage was hit out of the passive can refresh a skill, that is to say the first level was hit out of the passive, you can release 2 times a skill. This brings far more benefits than two skills, and can hit 2 times control.

If you have no control in the early stages and are a consuming hero, learn the second skill.

Yao’s one skill can help your teammates in the early stage by playing control and grass scouting. If there is a Lan Ling Wang on the other side, Yao’s one skill can be a good way to scout for vision and let Lan Ling Wang show himself. The protection effect of the big move can provide a shield for teammates that can resist real damage. This is its unique mechanism.

Yao’s recommended inscriptions.

In itself, the soft auxiliary’s candidness is not high, the base blood is low, the early cooldown reduction is important, and the late with the equipment stacked cd reduction, you can quickly recover the big move and improve the frequency of refreshing the big move with a shield for your teammates. If you want to keep up with your teammates quickly, the speed of movement is also a must.

Equipment recommendation.

Auxiliary clothing options.

The first out of the extreme shadow or near guard glory to see the needs of teammates, or the core of the bit with, if we eat attack speed heroes can be more extreme shadow, if the low frankness, less front row can be out of near guard glory, then the second piece of auxiliary equipment current version out of the star spring gains more, to help teammates and their own recovery mana and life value. The wings of salvation take into account the other side’s burst high or not, if it is the kind of high burst lineup can be out of salvation.

The current version of the ominous omen can improve its own candidness and has a very good effect on the enemy’s reduced attack speed and movement speed. The physical resistance is increased and the life blood is increased.

If the opposite side is the kind of lineup with more blood, then the middle or second piece will need to come out of a nightmare, to inhibit the effect of blood first. The first piece is the nightmare, for example, the opposite has a Cai Wenji, the early group did not inhibit the blood equipment then play group very loss.

The choice of shoes, of course, the early to calm boots as the main, fast recovery cd, improve the frequency of skill release. Some of the partners out of the boots of sprint, may be to consider teammates running too fast to keep up. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of the company.

Playing style.

The particular lineup with, Marco Polo plus Yao combination or Gong Sun Li plus Yao combination and so on, raise the core, or with the highest economic position, such as mage pre wind, can be with a rhythm point, or wild pre take off, with the wild, of course, the opposite shooter auxiliary Siamese words our shooter disadvantage need to support is to go over to help the shooter, or you other road and then smooth, our development road collapsed also not.

To sum up.

Yao this soft auxiliary does not have a strong group opening ability, more to protect the main, or with the flexible displacement of the shooter fielding, pulling combat ability stronger. The rhythm is strong in the front and mid-term, late if the opposite high-tank heroes on the lineup no advantage, Yao the hero is not weak, strength points in the early, a look at the rhythm of teammates, two also look at their own operation and awareness, there is no strong or weak heroes only strong or weak summoners.

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