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Magic Brawl 3″ did not live hard whole, hocus pocus a whole game, the final clown is actually himself

Not to see the end, really can not guess this ending ……The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the game. The starting heroes for both sides were the Paladin and the Witch.(1) Defensive The Paladin has a natural advantage against the Witch. The Witch is already low on blood and will be weak after being hit by the holy light a few times. Therefore, before the Death Knight comes out, it is best to avoid the paladin when the sorcerer meets the paladin. Of course, this natural advantage is predicated on the paladin getting to three quickly. Therefore, it is particularly important to level up your heroes quickly in the early stages.

The first thing that you need to do is to take advantage of the fact that you can’t get to the top of the list. This is a way to take advantage of the fact that the human army is empty. The first thing you need to do is to take advantage of the situation. The paladin has not yet come out of the altar, but has already made up two tower embryos and upgraded a holy tower and an arrow tower. When the witch came over to harass, the holy tower was just about finished. One holy tower is enough to put a hold on the OW’s harassment plan.

(2) Natural Disadvantages.

The Paladin’s leveling efficiency is not as good as the Archmage’s. After all, the Archmage has a Waterman to assist him in his leveling. Nine minutes into the game, the Paladin is still at level two. The Undead’s three techs were completed with three shots of Abyssal Demon King. A rain of flames rained down on the human camp.

At this point, the Human’s three techs have also been completed. The three griffin nests were also exploding with griffins. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The FQQ is a very good place for the undead to come in, and there are still three arrow towers and one holy tower on defense. The three griffins joined the battlefield and the three undead pups were instantly hammered. The griffins’ fight against the puppies was a quick one. At this point, the undead can only retreat strategically and wait for the spiders to come out before they can have a chance to fight.

(3) The road is one foot higher.

With the addition of the griffins, the leveling efficiency of the human race increased at lightning speed, and the paladin’s level also rose. In less than a minute, the Paladin had successfully reached level four. With two levels of Holy Light and two levels of Invincibility, the Paladin could start the Slaughter Farm mode.

The undead also blocked the mine with buildings and upgraded an ice tower to prevent the paladin from slaughtering the farm. However, FQQ already has a plan to deal with this. The fog from the upgraded Dragonhawk can blind the defensive tower while the airships can drop paladins directly over the buildings to the edge of the sub-mine. The paladins and griffins that came to slaughter the farms were able to drag home the main undead force that was attacking the human camp. The paladin’s plan to slaughter the farm was quite fruitful. Not only did they kill the Squire and the Dog, but they also brought the Paladin to level 5, just one unit short of experience.

(4) The devil is high.

Once the level five paladin was in place, Slaughter Farm became even more reckless. The level three paladin killed a monk and killed two puppies in seconds. After the undead main force returned to defence, the paladin retreated with a single pass.

As per FQQ’s previous routine, a blood mage is usually sent out to replenish the paladin’s blue, a male witch to replenish the paladin’s blood, and a female witch to add stealth to the paladin. In order to prevent the paladin from slaughtering the farm again with the griffin dragonhawk, the undead also buy a blimp and leave a spider and two destruction to defend. With the Undead defending so well, the FQQ didn’t have much of a chance to take advantage of the situation. Both the Griffon and Dragonhawk were killed in the harassment.

(5) A wave of annihilation.

Although the paladin had a level 3 holy light, it was not easy to kill the sorcerer. The FQQ also tried to shine the holy light on the sorcerer, but every time the sorcerer was bloodied, it was brought back by the death knight’s C. The result is a magic-for-magic exchange, and that’s it.

With no room for harassment, FQQ seems to be wandering around like a headless fly. The griffins are flying around the edge of the map while the paladins are fighting and retreating with invincibility. The three heroes of the Undead were still in the Holy Grail. The three undead heroes were still in hot pursuit behind the paladin and the two destroyers were following after the blimp was bought.

The FQQ had the audacity to get on the zeppelin in front of the undead forces. The FQQ’s are not only a good way to get the most out of the game, they are also a good way to get the most out of the game. Destruction finally added the finishing touch and the airship blew up directly above the trees. The level five paladin and the blood mage who had just stepped out of the altar were thus grouped together. The air crash happened, the show effects were in place and the FQQ was GG.

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