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The malleable phantom beast system in Magic 2 will help you get around the game

Seventeen years ago, the emergence of Magic Kingdom set off a wave of excitement, which showed countless players that MMORPGs could still be done this way, and it quickly won the hearts of many players. For many years, the most talked about by young people was the copies they had beaten and the equipment they had acquired in Magic. Word of mouth spread among young people and even those who did not play the game knew of its existence. As times progressed, Magician entered the handheld market as well with the launch of Magician Mobile, allowing players to experience Magician on their mobile phones, which was highly praised by fans. After five years, the official Magician has released another hall-of-fame masterpiece, Magician Handheld 2. This game inherits the classic gameplay of Magic, with innovative upgrades.

On a player level, this Magic Handheld 2 brings together many new and old players. Veteran players who have played Magic know that for more than a decade the front-end game has had blurred graphics, the release of skill effects may be lost, and the sensory effects are poor. In order to provide a better visual experience for new and old players, the R&D team has enhanced the visual experience by adjusting elements such as colour, purity, warmth and coldness as well as contrast. In addition, the latest gaming technology has been used to add a 3D perspective while retaining the 2.5D perspective, allowing older players to experience the visual experience of the old version. Moreover, the 2.5D perspective and 3D perspective can also be freely and flexibly switched between, giving players the ultimate visual experience.

Then there’s the gameplay. Most MMORPG’s definitely have a pet system. It’s basic operation is to have pets around to assist in combat, and even Fantasy Westward Journey, which has a pet system as the centerpiece of the game, is also such a model, so it’s not without its clichés. The Fantasy Beast system in Magic Handbook 2 is completely different, as it uses a combination of fantasy beasts to play with. Players can combine with phantom beasts to boost their combat power. A maximum of three phantom beasts can be on the battlefield. Players can combine with three Phantom Beasts and the combination will give the player gains and resistance to damage.

The combined beasts can share the damage for the player, so when they take unbearable damage, they will lose energy and go on cooldown. The beast reanimates after 5 minutes and always follows the player’s footsteps. There are two ways for players to speed up the resurrection of the Phantom Beast, one is to kill the magical creature and the Phantom Beast will automatically gather energy to speed up its recovery. The second way is to make use of the secret medicine of phantom beast energy, through the use of props to quickly restore phantom beast energy, but if there is nothing particularly urgent things happen, it is not too recommended that you use this method.

The second important point is that there are two means of attacking the phantom beast, which are the skills and AoE. When the phantom beast follows the expedition, both the phantom skill and the AoE skill will be released automatically, and the phantom skill will take effect immediately after you can combine them, while the AoE skill of the phantom beast will need to be released manually by the player. Players can obtain new phantom beast AoE skills through the secret book.

In addition, the number of phantom beasts in Magic Handbook 2 is very impressive, with the number reaching over a hundred after this update, enough to make players shine. So when you see this, don’t hesitate to download Magic Hand 2 and try it out!

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